If you are regular or more occasional diver, it is the ease of equipment but especially the approach and the discovery of the underwater flora, fauna, wrecks, that motivate your passion for the scuba diving?

You certainly heard about " tech diving " or   rebreather diving ". However you never dared to go and discover it what really offers you, could this change the way you discover the underwater world?  Then, the TRITON, the rebreather made by the company M3S located in France, is made for you, it will answer all your expectations.

What is a rebreather in few worlds:

A rebreather is a unit, which allows you to dive by consuming less gas and optimizing the decompression. It recycles the used air expired by our lungs treating it and making it clean to be breathable again, without the slightest small bubble! Without the slightest background noise, which would come to frighten the underwater fauna, the real world of silence opens up to you …

The TRITON : a new concept of rebreather

The TRITON, developped and made by M3S company, is a new concept of sport rebreather, opening up new horizons for tec-rec dive as for hardened tech divers or cave divers.

The TRITON breaks the current dogmas of what a  diving rebreather is by it’s three characteristics: it is small, light and chest mounted.

With standard tank and certification allowing you to dive in autonomy?

You are already technical diver, Trimix diver, or already rebreather diver?

You reached your open circuit equipment limits during exploration, or you are already rebreather, but your configuration is too voluminous or too tiring?

Technical Recreational diver

Technical Diver

Cave Diver

Which diver are you?